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November 2023


Personal Representative of the S.G.I.G.
Arman Ordian 33°

The Valley of Palm Springs Scottish Rite

Brethren, We had a phenomenal Feast of Tishri event! It was delivered with excellence! Traveling back to 1731, Philadelphia, the seat of Democracy and the early birth of our Great Nation, left a positive and thoughtful mark in our conscience.  It took a great effort to be where we are today as a Nation! The result is a success, and the cornerstone of that success is togetherness, which is the beginning… 


Congratulations to Director of Work, Brother Leonard Kienzle, 32° and his Team for a well-done Presentation! We were honored to have our S.G.I.G., Ill. & MW Frank Loui 33°, PGM, in our Valley and we hope he enjoyed the event!  I’d like to thank our Ill. & MW Stu Wright, 33 °, PGM, for his excellent presentation, introducing our S.G.I.G., and offering a solution to become a successful Valley!

Lastly, my gratitude to all active members for their sincere commitment, by investing their most valuable commodity - their time - to ensure that our Valley becomes a sacred place where we can grow and be enlightened together. Some, living far, being on the road from 1.5 to 2.5 hours to be here and to support the Valley.  It is great Team work to come together, which is a beginning. The key word is together. When everyone is moving together, then success takes care of itself! 

Coming Events Calendar

November 15 - Nominations

December  20th - Stated Meeting


January  24th - Officer Installation

February 10th - Sweetheart Dinner

February 28th - Stated Meeting

March 27th - Stated Meeting

March 30th - Vietnam/Masonic Vets Remembrance Dinner

April 13th - Youth Order Dinner include OES/Blue Lodge/Youth Orders Leaderships

April 24th - Stated Meeting

May 18th - Western Night Dinner (OES/Blue Lodge) possibly Master & Wardens attendees

May 22nd - Stated Meeting Cap & Ring Ceremony

June 22nd - BBQ Hamburger and Hot Dog Family Day (OES & Blue Lodge)

June 26th - Stated Meeting

July & August - Dark

September 14th -  Membership Renewal (Invite all Valleys)

 September 25th Stated Meeting

October 12th - Feast of Tishri

October 23rd -  Stated Meeting

October 24-26th - Grand Lodge Communications

November 9th - Thanksgiving Dinner (Include All Concordant Bodies)

November 20th - Stated Meeting (Nominations)

December 18th Stated Meeting

December 21st - Christmas Party

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Mailing Address: 

P.O. Box 3996

Palm Desert, CA 92261

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Image by Taylor Simpson
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