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October Message

It was nice seeing you all at our September's Stated Meeting. Our Senior Warden, and the Chief, Hector Minon, 32º had to step in and lead the Stated Meeting! Congratulations to Hector! He did the great job running the Meeting, and
additionally, the dinner he prepared was very delicious, like always! This month we are honored to have a reception of the S.G.I.G, Ill. Frank Loui, 33º PGM, and Lady Jeanie on October 26th!
Additionally, we are going to have a Special Presentation of the 50-year Member to Hon. Robert Jacob, 32º KCCH. We appreciate Ill. Mert Gayler, 33º for his contribution to prepare a steak BBQ for the October 26th! You know Mert's BBQ! It's always delicious and tasty! Make sure to make your reservation in our website us joins us to celebrate Bob Jacob, 32º KCCH 50 Year Award, and welcome Ill. Frank Loui, 33º, PGM to our Valley.

Sincerely & Fraternally,
Arman Ordian 33°/

Personal Representative of S.G.I.G.
The Valley of Palm Springs Scottish Rite

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Meet Arman Ordian, 33°

Arman is the new Personal Representative of Sovereign Grand Inspector General in the Valley of Palm Springs.


Learn more about Arman here....


October Stated Meeting

Greet Ill. Frank Loui, 33°, PGM
​and Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Supreme Council in California, at our October Stated Meeting. Make a reservation for October 26, 2022 here.

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