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April 2024


Personal Representative of the S.G.I.G.
Arman Ordian 33°

The Valley of Palm Springs Scottish Rite



I would like to congratulate both Coachella Lodge and the Valley Palm Springs of Scottish Rite for a very successful day! On March 27th Cornerstone Ceremony and later that day Reception of the Grand Master of Masons in California, Most  Worshipping Sean Metroka and his wife, Lady Margaret!

Both events went well! I received many compliments from the Grand Master and other Grand Lodge officers! They enjoyed both events and had a great time!  


It was pleasant to see the Lodge and dining rooms filled with such excitement and brotherly love! This is a testament that we are promoting our fraternity not only in the community, but also within ourselves. We are following the path of the true craftsman and leaving a positive impact on ourselves and others. It leaves us with a feeling of satisfaction of who we are!  


A job well done! Thank you ALL who participated to make both events memorable!

Special kudos to Venerable Master Stu Ryan, and Worshipful Master Mert Gayler for their leadership!


Last, but not least our appreciation to Naira, Raffi's boss, for transforming the dining room into a magical and memorable place!



Arman Ordian 33°

Coming Events Calendar

April 6th - Cultural Luncheon/International Potluck

April 24th - Stated Meeting

May 18th -  Western Night Dinner (OES/Blue Lodge) 

                     possibly Master & Wardens attendees

May 22nd - Stated Meeting Cap & Ring Ceremony

June 22nd - BBQ Hamburger and Hot Dog Family Day                        (OES & Blue Lodge)

June 26th - Stated Meeting

July & August - Dark

September 14th -  Membership Renewal (Invite all Valleys)

September 25th Stated Meeting

October 12th - Feast of Tishri

October 23rd -  Stated Meeting

October 24-26th - Grand Lodge Communications

November 9th - Thanksgiving Dinner (Include All Concordant Bodies)

November 20th - Stated Meeting (Nominations)

December 18th Stated Meeting

December 21st - Christmas Party

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