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The Valley Membership Achievement Project (VMAP) is a program created by the Supreme Council. Our Valley is actively participating in VMAP to improve your membership experience. This includes  current members, candidates going through the degrees, and prospective candidates.  VMAP requirements are broken into the following 11 specific subject areas that cover the full scope of the Scottish Rite experience:

1. Membership Retention / Engagement
2. Scottish Rite Education for Members
3. Membership Recruitment
4. New Member Engagement
5. Reunion Experience
6. Scottish Rite Education for Candidates
7. Philanthropy
8. Public Image
9. Degree Conferral Proficiency
10. Officer Responsibilities & Engagement
11. Valley Organizations


We have a VMAP committee in Palm Springs that has completed the VMAP Program for every year since its inception. This year we are on track to finish again. 

If you are the top line signer on the petition for a new Scottish Rite Member, the Supreme Council in Washington, DC will award you the VMAP Challenge Coin for Membership Excellence. You too can join the elite group of Palm Springs Scottish Rite Masons who have received this Award by recruiting one new member. You can find information about the program here.

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