Philanthropy in Our Community

Masons are known for their dedication to community service and their generosity for those in need. The Grand Lodge of California supports many charitable causes that advance the health and well-being of others. From Raise-A-Reader programs in our schools, RiteCare© Speech and Language centers that give a voice to our youngest  children with communication disorders, and scholarships to graduating high school seniors, to Masonic Homes that provide quality assisted living and skilled care for retired Masons, we are here to serve.

Community Scholarships

It is a privilege to support our children as they pursue their dreams of higher education. Palm Springs Scottish Rite is pleased to announce the 1st annual award of the Charlie Ash Scholarship to Rayven Amaya.  She is a recent graduate of Indio High School with plans to attend Virginia Wesleyan University and pursue a career in nursing. 

Read Raven's application letter here.

Scholarship pic 2021.jpg

Masonic Outreach Services


Masonic Outreach Services (MOS) exists so that no fraternal family has to go through tough times alone. With one phone call, it becomes our mission to help you and your loved ones. We created the MOS program in 2009. In the midst of the recession, many fraternal families were confronted with job loss and foreclosure on top of other challenges. Thee fraternity has a

long history of stepping in to help families in such moments of crisis, and we created MOS as a modern extension of this relief – offee ring expertise and resources to guide families through sensitive situations.

Today, Masonic Family Outreach Services and Masonic Senior Outreach Services serve California Masons who live throughout the United States. We connect Masons and vulnerable community members with health, transportation, and other local resources near their homes. We assist fraternal families with managing health care di fficc ulties and major life transitions.

Ther ough the Masonic Value Network, you can access independent care-related service providers to assist families in California and beyond.


Our goal is to help you and your loved ones achieve meaningful, safe, and rewarding lives. Read a client testimonial in California Freemason magazine. Find out what’s new in the MSOS Gazettee. For more information and support, contact Arman Ordian at 760-844-4897  or